Masonry Repair

Revival Caulking & Restoration, Inc. is a leader in masonry repair and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. With a comprehensive suite of services, we specialize in identifying and rectifying the full spectrum of masonry-related issues.

From the meticulous removal and replacement of deteriorated bricks to expert repointing, chimney repairs, lintel installations, masonry sealing, drainage solutions, and crafting architectural masonry joints, our services help boost the longevity and resilience of your structure against the elements.

Our team of skilled masons offer a combination of time-honored best practices and cutting-edge solutions, guaranteeing your property is aesthetically appealing and fortified to withstand different weather conditions.

masonry restoration project

Our Masonry Repair Services Include:


    Brick Repairs

    Restoring the strength and appearance of brick structures.



    Renewing the mortar joints between bricks, enhancing structural stability and weather resistance.


    Mortar Grinding and Repointing

    Removing old, deteriorating mortar and replacing it with new, durable mortar.


    Block Repairs

    Addressing and rectifying issues in concrete block constructions.


    Damaged Brick and Mortar Replacement

    Removing compromised materials and installing new, high-quality substitutes.


    Lintel and Precast Installation

    Ensuring the structural support of windows, doors, and other openings.


    Brick Cleaning and Sealing

    Enhancing the longevity and aesthetic of brick surfaces.

    Be on the Lookout for:


    Bowing or bulging exterior walls


    Cracks or fractures in bricks or stones


    Shaling or flaking of brick surfaces


    Deterioration or loss of mortar


    Signs of water intrusion or efflorescence

    Addressing these issues promptly can avert more severe structural damage and avoid expensive repairs in the future.
    exterior masonry restoration project

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